Weagle Sweeps RE/MAX Rumble on Chaotic Canada Day Weekend Night


(CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – July 3, 2024) – It was a night filled with chaos during the 2024 Canada Day Weekend event at Oyster Bed Speedway on Saturday, June 29, with sweeps, photo finishes, wrecks, tempers, and much more entertaining fans under the lights. Five classes were in action under relatively overcast skies, with a few rain spits.

The event started strong with a 26-car field and a photo finish in the first race of the third-annual RE/MAX Rumble Twin 40s presented by RE/MAX Charlottetown and RE/MAX Harbourside. Mike Weagle (#60) outdueled Mitchell Montgomery (#17) on a late restart to score his first win at Oyster Bed Speedway.

After a random draw for the starting lineup set Weagle in fifth and Montgomery in 11th, both drivers had to navigate through multiple early cautions and tight traffic. Weagle took the race lead with 28 laps remaining with a wicked three-wide maneuver in the middle. As Weagle got caught in lap traffic, Montgomery’s charge in Ricky Millar’s old car was put on full display when he stole the lead with six laps remaining. Two laps later, a yellow flag set the stage for Weagle and Montgomery to go side-by-side from the green to the checkered flag.

Patricia Weagle (#10) finished third after winning the pole in a random draw while Dave Matthews and Brandon Forsyth (#3) claimed top-5 finishes. Ethan Albert (#11) started second with a new car and had an outstanding run inside the top five until he left the race late with an issue. The two early cautions were caused by Nathan Richard (#35) getting into the backstretch wall and Kendall Palmer (#45) sliding off turn two into the trees.

Mike Weagle made things easier in twin two, which was moved up to the front of the features due to weather concerns. He started on the pole and led every lap en route to the RE/MAX Rumble sweep. Montgomery finished second again while Lauchie Stubbert (#11+), from Glace Bay, N.S., impressed in his Oyster Bed Speedway debut, going from 12th to fifth within nine laps and ultimately finishing third at the checkered flag. Dave Matthews and Patricia Weagle rounded out the top five.

The race was halted by two cautions within the first 16 laps, as Ethan Albert slid off the banking in turns one and two, and Jordan LeClair (#47), who accepted the Kent Livingston Pole Challenge, hit the outside wall in turn four with a broken tire hub.

In Gauthier’s Auto Repair Street Stock action, Cape Breton’s Glen Cooke (#08) stole the show coming to the white flag in the 25-lap feature, passing three other cars in one corner to claim the win. After a crash in semi action, six cars were left to race in the feature, which eventually came down to a four-car battle for the win. Randy Snow (#26) and Nick Chiasson (#27) clashed for the lead for 24 laps while Cooke and Randy Millar (#77) lay behind the ticking timebomb.

With the white flag ready to wave, Chiasson’s car suddenly slid up the banking, making contact with Snow and allowing Cooke and Millar to sneak by for first and second. Sarah Jay (#30) claimed her first-career top-5 finish in a Street Stock. Brandon Albert (#37) left the race on lap three. Andrew Thompson (#4) and Tyler Doucette (#24) failed to start the feature due to incidents in the semi race.

In the Reliable Motors Beginner Bandolero division, Payton Gallant (#42) got a long-awaited feature win, her first since September 2023. Gallant started third and took the lead over polesitter Juliana O’Connor on lap three, hanging on over a hard-charging Hudson Linzel-Waddell (#57) to take the 15-lap race win.

Linzel-Waddell and rookies Charlee Rayner (#24) and Regan MacBeth (#34) claimed wins in heat and semi action.

Cole Doyle (#12) claimed his third-career triple win in Reliable Motors Outlaw Bandolero action after starting on the pole and leading every lap in the 15-lap feature. The race ended under the yellow flag after Simon Doyle (#91) slid off the banking in turns one and two. Wyatt Peters (#33) and Landon Pierce (#19) finished on the podium.

The race was delayed by two cautions as Andrew O’Connor (#63) spun in turn four and Bristol Matthews (#99) had a scary accident in turn four, slamming the outside wall head-on after contact with Mason Gillis (#9). She climbed out under her own power.

Cole Doyle, O’Connor, and Pierce scored wins in heat and semi action.

A finish for the ages was displayed in Chris’s Bobcat Services Mini Stock competition, as Ricky Bedell (#2) beat Randy MacTavish in a near-dead heat in the 20-lap feature. Bedell had a decent lead for half of the race, but by lap 10, MacTavish was on his bumper, eventually getting side-by-side with Bedell with five laps remaining. Both drivers battled door-to-door to the checkered flag, with Bedell claiming his second-career feature win.

Austin Corrigan (#10) finished third while Adam Holland (#01) and Rosie Kitson (#13) rounded out the top five. Campbell Stewart (#3) started on the pole but was spun and taken out of contention after contact with Cash Bridges (#69) on lap one. Bridges was black-flagged for the incident.

Bridges and Stewart won in heat and semi action.

The Alvin’s Auto Sales & Repair Bombers made their 2024 debut on Saturday night, running a five-car showcase race in heat action and joining the Mini Stocks for their semi and feature races. Spencer Paton (#35) won the showcase race. Ryan Cormier (#96) was the highest-finishing Bomber in the semi race while Zach Chappell (#44) took the crown during the combined feature race.

Oyster Bed Speedway returns to action on Saturday, July 13 at 6 pm for more championship point racing. The Bandoleros, Bombers, Four-Fun Mini Stocks, 4-Cylinder Outlaws, Street Stocks, and Power Wheels are on the race card.

RE/MAX Rumble Twin 40 #1 Results

1. Mike Weagle #60
2. Mitchell Montgomery #17
3. Patricia Weagle #10
4. Dave Matthews #99
5. Brandon Forsyth #3
6. Jordan LeClair #47
7. Shane Bridges #4
8. Steven Matthews #98
9. Jessie LeClair #46
10. Harley Cornish #13
11. Daniel Webb #07
12. Chris Garnett #66
13. Nick Brun #01
14. Bradley Richard #49
15. Jeff Bridges #95
16. Jonathan Fitzpatrick #78
17. Brady Albert #38
18. Jamie Cummings #81
19. Nathan Richard #35
20. Ethan Albert #11
21. Rob Poirier #0
22. Lauchie Stubbert #11T
23. Corey Bridges #04
24. Dre Folland #33
25. Layton Delaney #7
26. Kendall Palmer #45

Polesitter (random draw) – #10 Patricia Weagle

RE/MAX Rumble Twin 40 #2 Results

1. Mike Weagle #60
2. Mitchell Montgomery #17
3. Lauchie Stubbert #11T
4. Dave Matthews #99
5. Patricia Weagle #10
6. Nick Brun #01
7. Nathan Richard #35
8. Jessie LeClair #46
9. Layton Delaney #7
10. Daniel Webb #07
11. Rob Poirier #0
12. Shane Bridges #4
13. Kendall Palmer #45
14. Chris Garnett #66
15. Jeff Bridges #95
16. Bradley Richard #49
17. Harley Cornish #13
18. Dre Folland #33
19. Jamie Cummings #81
20. Brandon Forsyth #3
21. Brady Albert #38
22. Steven Matthews #98
23. Ethan Albert #11
24. Jordan LeClair #47

DNS – Corey Bridges #04, Jonathan Fitzpatrick #78

Kent Livingston Pole Challenge Taker – Jordan LeClair #47

Polesitter – #60 Mike Weagle

Gauthier’s Auto Repair Street Stock 25-Lap Feature Results

1. Glen Cooke #08
2. Randy Millar #77
3. Randy Snow #26
4. Nick Chiasson #27
5. Sarah Jay #30
6. Brandon Albert #37

DNS – Andrew Thompson #4, Tyler Doucette #24

Heat and Semi Race Winner – #26 Randy Snow

Feature Polesitter – #26 Randy Snow

Chris’s Bobcat Services Mini Stock 20-Lap Feature Results

1. Ricky Bedell #2
2. Randy MacTavish #76
3. Austin Corrigan #10
4. Adam Holland #01
5. Rosie Kitson #13
6. Campbell Stewart #3

DQ – Cash Bridges #69

Heat Race Winner – #69 Cash Bridges
Semi Race Winner – #3 Campbell Stewart

Feature Polesitter – #10 Austin Corrigan

Alvin’s Auto Sales & Repair Bombers Results

Heat (Showcase Race)
1. Spencer Paton #35
2. Zach Chappell #44
3. Ryan Cormier #96
4. Douglas Webb #77

Semi (with Mini Stocks)
1. Ryan Cormier #96
2. Douglas Webb #77
3. Spencer Paton #35

Feature (with Mini Stocks)
1. Zach Chappell #44
2. Douglas Webb #77
3. Ryan Cormier #96

Reliable Motors Outlaw Bandolero 15-Lap Feature Results

1. Cole Doyle #12
2. Wyatt Peters #33
3. Landon Pierce #19
4. Andrew O’Connor #63
5. Mason Gillis #9
6. Hunter MacKinnon #07
7. Irelyn Rose #47
8. Rhyan Burke #01
9. Simon Doyle #91
10. Bristol Matthews #99

Heat Race Winners – #63 Andrew O’Connor, #12 Cole Doyle
Semi Race Winners – #12 Cole Doyle, #19 Landon Pierce

Feature Polesitter – #12 Cole Doyle

Reliable Motors Beginner Bandolero 15-Lap Feature Results

1. Payton Gallant #42
2. Hudson Linzel-Waddell #57
3. Oliver Rayner #23
4. Charlee Rayner #24
5. Juliana O’Connor #10
6. Regan MacBeth #34
7. Ryder Smith #43
8. Landon MacBeth #32

DNS – Ashtyn Gariepy #11

Heat Race Winners – #24 Charlee Rayner, #57 Hudson Linzel-Waddell
Semi Race Winners – #34 Regan MacBeth, #57 Hudson Linzel-Waddell

Feature Polesitter – #10 Juliana O’Connor

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