2023 Oyster Bed Speedway Award Winners


(CHARLOTTETOWN, PE) – October 22, 2023

Congratulations to all of our award winners and notable race winners for the 2023 Oyster Bed Speedway racing season! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated a season like no other. The countdown to 2024 begins now!

Reliable Motors Beginner Bandolero Division

Champion: #9 Mason Gillis
Mid-Summer Shootout Champion: #63 Andrew O’Connor
TCM September Shootout Champion: #57 Hudson Linzel-Waddell
Best Appearing: #11 Ashtyn Gariepy
Most Dedicated: #42 Payton Gallant
Most Sportsmanlike: #10 Juliana O’Connor
Most Improved: #63 Andrew O’Connor
Rookie of the Year: #9 Mason Gillis
Favourite Driver: #01 Rhyan Burke
Hard Charger: #57 Hudson Linzel-Waddell

Most Wins: #9 Mason Gillis (12)
Most Podiums: #63 Andrew O’Connor (22)
Most Starts: Gillis, A. & J. O’Connor, Linzel-Waddell, Gallant, Burke (24)

Reliable Motors Outlaw Bandolero Division

Champion: #19 Landon Pierce
TCM September Shootout Overall Champion: #97 Daniel Vandenburg
Mid-Summer Shootout Champion: #33 Wyatt Peters
Best Appearing: #12 Cole Doyle
Most Dedicated: #19 Landon Pierce
Most Sportsmanlike: #07 Hunter MacKinnon
Most Improved: #12 Cole Doyle
Favourite Driver: #91 Simon Doyle
Hard Charger: #33 Wyatt Peters

Most Wins: #19 Landon Pierce (10)
Most Podiums: #12 Cole Doyle (22)
Most Starts: C. & S. Doyle, MacKinnon (26)

Chris’s Bobcat Services Mini Stock Division

Champion: #95 Jeff Bridges
Mini Stock 30 Champion: #3 Brandon Forsyth
Best Appearing: #95 Jeff Bridges
Most Dedicated: #01 Adam Holland
Most Sportsmanlike: #76 Randy MacTavish
Most Improved: #2 Ricky Bedell
Rookie of the Year: #69 Cash Bridges
Favourite Driver: #04 Corey Bridges
Hard Charger: #3 Brandon Forsyth

Most Wins: #3 Brandon Forsyth (11)
Most Podiums: #3 Brandon Forsyth (17)
Most Starts: Forsyth, J. Bridges, Ca. Bridges (24)

Moore Well Drilling Outlaw Division

Champion: #17 Ricky Millar
RE/MAX Rumble Champion: #17 Ricky Millar
Outlaw 20 (Sept. 9): #5 Matt Palmer
Best Appearing: #81 Jamie Cummings
Most Dedicated: #13 Harley Cornish
Most Sportsmanlike: #46M Ryan McKnight
Favourite Driver: #17 Ricky Millar
Hard Charger: #47 Jordan LeClair

Most Wins: #17 Ricky Millar (11)
Most Podiums: #17 Ricky Millar (22)
Most Starts: Ri. Millar, Jo. & Je. LeClair, Delaney (24)

Central Engine Services Street Stock Division

Champion: #11 Tyler Gauthier
Piston Cup Champion: #11 Tyler Gauthier
Street Stock 50 Champion: #37 Brandon Albert
Best Appearing: #11 Tyler Gauthier
Most Dedicated: #4 Andrew Thompson
Most Sportsmanlike: #35 Colton Ford
Rookie of the Year: #24 Tyler Doucette
Favourite Driver: #77 Randy Millar
Hard Charger: #29 Jeff MacInnis

Most Wins: #11 Tyler Gauthier (10)
Most Podiums: #11 Tyler Gauthier (25)
Most Starts: Gauthier, Ford, Millar (29)

Oyster Bed Speedway Ironman Award: Chuck Wakelin
Myrna O’Connor Award: Janice Bell
Dave Mosher Memorial Award: Blair DesRoches


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About Oyster Bed Speedway:
Oyster Bed Speedway is Prince Edward Island’s premier auto racing facility and features fun and excitement with weekly stock car racing special events throughout the season. The 1/3 mile paved oval is located in Oyster Bed Bridge at the intersection of routes 6 and 7, halfway between Cavendish and Charlottetown on beautiful Prince Edward Island.



Oyster Bed Speedway

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